400+ Betta Fish Names – Pick the Best Name for Your Pet Fish

We name our pets after their appearance or behavior. Then why not name our Betta as well. They deserve a name that matches their personality and appearance, and it is fun to call. After all, Bettas are known for their looks and majestic tails.

People name their Betta after their favorite personalities or something that holds meaning for them. If you are looking for Betta fish names, we are here with a list of names for your Betta. You can choose the one that you think suits the best for your Betta.

Betta fish names

Male Betta Fish Names

Male Bettas have majestic tails, vibrant colors, and masculine features. Male Bettas are known to have an aggressive temperament, and if you put two male Bettas in the same tank, you will see their competitive and fiery side. They do deserve a name that enhances their personality.

Archie Ares Bart Big Bubb Casper
Chandler Comet DaVinci Draco Einstein
Flash Finnegan Gandalf Gatsby Gunther
Hal Hugh Hagar Ishmal Icy
Jughead Jumper Kepler Kronos Leo
Lord Lucifer Marshal Murphy Matthew
Nemo Obie Orlando Potter Patrick
Poseidon Quint Rocket Sergeant Shadow
Spud Tango Theo Vince Watson
Wobbie Xero Yogi Zoro Zaltor

Female Betta Fish Names

Mustard butterfy halfmoon betta fish

Female Betta doesn’t have a bright coloration or long majestic tails, but they still deserve a pretty name for themselves. And here we have selected some fun and cute names for her.

Adriana Akira Ariel Aurora Bonnie
Buffy Candy Cassie Daisy Dimpy
Diva Ellen Eve Fifi Folina
Ginger Helga Hope Iris Jada
Jules Karla Kylie Lavender Lilly
Lolly Mimi Missy Nina Olina
Orchid Pearl Princess Queenie Quora
Rachel Rosy Sasha Star Suzie
Sydney Tinkerbell Viva Wings Xelda
Xenia Yolanda Zinniea Zoey Zuzu

Unisex Name for Betta

If you don’t believe in naming them according to their gender or just want a name that will fit both of them, then here is a list of names you can choose from –

Alex Ashley Avery Bongo Bungee
Caramel Cookie Cuddles Dan Dory
Fangs Flappy Fluffy Fred George
General Fin Gucci Hydra Indy Jabby
Jo Kai Kyo Lazy Mandarin
Mojo Moon Noel Pal Peewee
Puffer Rainbow Salt Saturn Skittles
Storm Sunshine Tesla Tiny Tranquil
Velvet Wave Whitey Ying Zoom

Blue Betta Fish Name

Blue betta fish

Blue Bettas have a breathtaking appearance. They are available in different blue shades, and these colors give them a glorious appearance when combined with the majestic tails. They surely do deserve a name. So, we have made a list of the names that you can give to your Blue Betta –

Aqua Blueberry Indigo Dory Swim shady
Sky Frozen Blob berry Bleu Blueface
Ice Mazarine Cyan Sea Beryl
Ocean Zir Cloud Periwinkle Twinkle
Ashe Arctic Felix Ingrid Denim
Navy Peacock Yale Slate Sylvain
Sapphire Dr. Blue Mercedes Aegean Dedue

Red Betta Fish Name

Red betta fish

Red is another famous color found among the Bettas. Some have bold bright red coloration while some have washed out red. Some even have a bright red strip with other colors.

The red color shows its aggressive nature as well. So, we have made a list of names for your red Betta.

Blaze Cherry Furry Dahlia Coral
Fuego Angry bird Infrared Flame Redface
Rosy Scarlet Fire Ruby Vermilion
Chili Rooi Venetian Rouge Crimson
Carrot Brick Brandy Berry Elmo
Foxy Harry Jess Lucy Penny
Rogan Rusty Strawberry Tomato Wilma

Pale, Silver, and White Betta Names

White betta fish

Bettas in Silver, White or Pale colors when combined with the right type of tail, give them a majestic and royal look. So, why not pick a name for them as well. Here is the list for your less vibrant color fishes –

Argent Banshee Kesef Gleam
Bijou Mint Phantom Gin
Scratch Tinsel Vanilla Wisp
Specter Wraith Shine Shimmer
Shadow Bullet Ansel Bullet

King Betta Names

A freshwater betta fish

King Betta is known for its royalty and aggression. They are quite fast and looks larger than normal Betta. King Betta is quite easy to name.

After a famous King, you can name them that you might like or any name that resembles their fiery behavior. Here, we have selected both types of names for you. So, let’s just take a look at them –

Akbar Arthur Cyrus Alexander Godzilla
Julius King Tut Napoleon Marcus Nero
Kingly Titus William Vlad Hitler
Xerxes Macbeth Caligula Leopold King Fussy
Titanium Barb Hyde Martial Pushy
Pug Scrappy Spunky Warrior Punzer
Shield Golem Tungsten Hawk Bully
Force Snippy Nipper Dexter Dynamo
Rocky Maverick Panzer Ruth Tuffy

Funny Betta Fish Name

Not everyone wants a boring serious name. If you are one of them and want a name that is fun to call, then here is the list of funny names for your Betta. Let’s take a look at them –

Funny Male Names Funny Female Names/th>
Mr. Bean Pied Piper Bubbly Gamora
Aquaman Dr. Jones Boss Lady Bikini
Luigi Scar Face Latte Misty
Red Skull Chewy Jigglypuff Pepper
Hulk Rick Ms. Peggy Tay Swift
Garfield Oddish Mermaid Zelda
Pewdiepie Popeye Starbuck Yuffie
Nemo Carrot Goldie Walleye
Nintendo Pikachu Swim Shady Ms. Cranky
Eeyore Rambo Sushi Algae
Dr. Gill FinTin Ivy Snowy
Poison Grumpy King Snowflake Dove
Bubbalicious Bob Squarepants Kiwi Twinkle
Sir Fin Fluffy SearSha Ms. Bubbles
Cheeto Popcorn Jelly Belly Flip Flop
Merlin Crush Princess Misty
Gopher Mr. Chips Twinkle toes Fairy

Unique Betta Fish Names

Marble betta fish

Most of the names that we mentioned above have some meaning or are related to some person or famous personality. We have explored more options and found some unique names that you can give to your beautiful Betta. The meaning of the names is also given in front of them.

  • Nyx – Night goddess from Greek mythology
  • Rosaline – Little rose (Irish)
  • Jacintha – Beautiful (Greek)
  • Ekon – Strength
  • Bo – precious (Chinese)
  • Tazanna – Princess (Native American)
  • Jacintha – Beautiful (Greek)
  • Afia – ‘Born on Friday’ (Ghanaian)
  • Trivia – a goddess from Roman mythology
  • Arthit – a man of the Sun (Thai)
  • Samnang – Good fortune (Cambodian)
  • Apinya – Magical Power (Thai)
  • Chakrii – King (Thai)
  • Ransei – Ray of Light (Cambodian)
  • Nearidei – A white flower (Cambodian)
  • Anong – a beautiful woman
  • Scout – A lookout, like a little bodyguard

Name for Betta Pair

If you got a pair of Betta, we have got names for them as well. The names that are funny and rhymes, what else you need? Here is the list of the names that are fun to call and reflect their differences.

Cat – Rat Deep – Creep Finger – Ginger
Duke – Duchess Fin – Spin Hook – Snook
Cocktail – Caramel Skim – Swim Thick – Shick
Mate – Bait Chandler – Joey Spawner – Gonner
Tushy – Pushy Potayto – Potahto Grumpy – Frumpy
Lazy – Daisy Fiery – Friary Red – Fred
Murphy – Smurfy Dusky – Musky Eddie – Teddy
Surly – Pearly Crabby – Crappy Pale – Veil

Nature Related Name

Plakat betta fish

We have collected some names that are related to nature in one or other ways. These names will give a natural touch to your Betta’s personality and add some freshness to it.

Blossom Breezy Rain Autumn Ash
Cedar Dusty Herb Ivory Jemima
Woody West Wind SweetPea Sprout Smokey
Sandy Rio Pumpkin Petunia Oakley
Nutmeg Maple Luna Kai Jade
Goji Forest Fig Echo Dawn
Cliff Dew Fern Cricket Moss


Bettas are one of the famous fishes known mainly for their distinct characteristics and appearance. Everyone knows about their aggressive temperament and fiery behavior.

This fiery little friend of yours deserves a name as well. Here we have given many names classified by their gender, personality, and colors. Plus, we have added some funny as well as some unique names.

We didn’t forget to add rhyming names if you own a pair of Betta. Naming our pets is always a difficult task. But in this article, you will get a variety of names to choose from so that your little friend has a perfect name.

What do you call your Betta, and where did you get inspiration for the name? Would you like to add some more names to our list? We are open to suggestions. You can tell us in the comment section below.